Thursday, December 22, 2011

Glen's 1st Race

   This was written by my dad several years ago. It's a delightful story. Enjoy! 

    It was a cold winter day in Iowa; snow was abundant, bobsleds and cutters (all horse drawn) were everywhere. One such vehicle was gliding recklessly over the icy trail—called by the citizens, of all things, the turnpike—that led from the village to the farm home of Andrew and Rose Williamson.
    Rose, at that moment the mother of six, was waiting most impatiently, for the doctor to arrive, and incidentally, Glen too! You see, the doctor and Glen were racing; Glen’s first race, not the doctor’s. But practice isn’t everything—Glen beat him! It isn’t everyone that wins his first race, is it? Poor Rose! At that moment, the mother of seven!
    December 22, 1909, Glen Edgar was born to Andrew and Rose Williamson, their seventh and last child.


coffee? yes, please! said...

this is great! i think one of the reasons grandpa and i got along so well, i am the youngest of the youngest of the youngest...and i very nearly beat the doctor. thanks for sharing this story!

Anita Archer said...

Thanks for commenting, Chris! Love you...