Thursday, July 21, 2011

You Want Me To Do What? or A Seed Planted

 There were a few years, when my children were young, that I took care of other children in my home. One sweet little girl was Laura. Her mother, Shellie, was a single mom, a school teacher and guardian of her own teenage brother, Roger.
  Shellie brought Laura to my house every morning and picked her up in the afternoon after school. We became good friends, and visited often.
  After about a year and a half Shellie said they would be moving to Arizona as soon as school was over for the year. I felt bad because I would miss them but knew it was her decision.
  One day as I went about my housework I realized that in all our visiting and talking we had never talked about God or Jesus or church, none of the things that really matter in life. I began to feel like God was speaking to me about this. I didn’t know what I could do about it at this point because she’d soon be leaving.
  One evening I left all my family at home while I went to buy groceries. As I drove I heard a still small voice telling me to go and visit Shellie before I went home. That was ridiculous and I couldn’t imagine why I felt so strongly that I should go to her apartment. Then the thought came that this was a time when I could talk to Shellie about God and my beliefs!
  What? Lord, you want me to do what??? I couldn’t do that. She hadn’t asked me what I believe. We had never gotten that personal in our conversations.
  The feeling became so strong that I began to argue with God! It was evening, she was probably watching TV. No, the TV is off. Laura would be up demanding our attention so we couldn’t talk seriously. Laura is already in bed asleep.  Roger would be there too so we couldn’t have a conversation with just the two of us. Roger is studying in his bedroom.
  I had to drive past their apartment house on my way home from the supermarket. I was driving slowly, still arguing with God. When I came to her car turned in! I prayed as I slowly walked up to the door, “Lord, I can’t believe I’m doing this. You’d better be with me! Please tell me what to say.”
  I knocked lightly on the door. Shellie answered it with a surprised look on her face. “May I come in?” I asked nervously.
  As I looked around she invited me to sit down. The TV was off. Laura was already asleep for the night. Roger was in his bedroom studying! There we were, Shellie and me, sitting together in the quietness of her living room.
  I began to explain why I was there. She said very earnestly, “I’ve always wondered what your beliefs are! Please tell me.”
  For the next few minutes I told her about my relationship with Jesus. He is alive and is a living reality within me! He is my very own personal Savior. She thanked me for sharing with her. She didn’t make any move to ask Jesus into her life. But I feel I did what God asked me to do and perhaps, I planted a seed.
  Thank You, Lord, for going with me that evening, for giving me courage, for helping me to obey and most of all, for speaking through me. Please help her, in Your Timing, to invite You into her life as her own personal Savior.