Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Love Story

          I watched as he began playing his guitar and singing. She was staring straight ahead. Then slowly, a smile formed on her lips. She looked at him and he at her. I felt it was a private moment but I couldn't help but watch. Her smile was so sweet. He sang song after song.
     Finally the private concert ended and she was taken back to her room. He put his guitar away. I mustered up some courage as I walked slowly to him. "She really loved your singing. Her smile was so sweet!"
     "Yes, she used to be a professional singer!" he said proudly. We also used to sing together at weddings, at funerals, at churches! We were always singing!"
     She's your wife?" I asked.
     "Yes, she's my girl! When our children came home for weekends we'd spend all Saturday evening singing together as a family! It's a wonderful memory."
     "What happened?" I boldly blurted out.
     "Alzheimer's," he said sadly. "About nine years ago. She's only sixty-three."

     I was visiting my mother in the nursing home when this episode took place. I'll never forget the love I saw in his eyes as he looked at her while singing to her. They were fun songs and she was brought back to recognition as she watched him and listened to him. Some of her smiles were almost sweet laughter!
     I thanked him for sharing with me. I put my hand on his arm, "God bless you."